Hi. Welcome to my website.
Here’s a few words about me and what you can find on this site.
I’m a trumpet player and composer from Vancouver.
My trumpet playing often involves amplifiers and effects.
I do most of my writing for three bands: Inhabitants, Aeroplane Trio, and Carsick.
You can hear music by these groups on the Listen page.
I also play in a variety of other bands; Destroyer, Fond of Tigers, and Dan Mangan, to name a few. There’s info on most of the groups I play with on the Projects page.
I do enjoy collaboration.
Saying that however, i have been working on a solo trumpet + amplifier project recently.
I’ve put a video excerpt from my solo performance at the 2012 X Avant Festival in Toronto on the Watch page.
This page also contains live video from Inhabitants, Aeroplane Trio, Destroyer, and Dan Mangan.
For when and where I’m playing next, check the Upcoming Shows page.
I’ve also included a Bio | CV and Press page.
I’ll continue to add material and info to all these pages as we go.
Thanks for stopping by.


YouTube: JP Carter Music