JP CARTER trumpet


JP Carter is a Juno award-winning musician from Vancouver, Canada. Carter’s singular approach to the trumpet and versatility as an improvisor and composer make him a vital contributor to the Vancouver music community. JP incorporates a variety of techniques into his trumpet playing, utilizing and experimenting with acoustic (traditional, extended) and electronic (effected, amplified) methods to create a wide spectrum of sound. Currently a member of several Vancouver-based groups, including Destroyer, Dan Mangan, Fond of Tigers, the Tony Wilson 6tet, Handmade Blade (with Peggy Lee & Aram Bajakian), Gordon Grdina’s Haram, Michael Blake’s Variety Hour, and the various New Orchestra Workshop ensembles. JP’s main projects as a composer/performer continue to be Inhabitants, Aeroplane Trio, and Carsick. These three long-standing original projects have all released albums on Vancouver’s Drip Audio label [dripaudio.com]. Most recently, JP has been working on a solo amplified trumpet project. He released a self-produced document of this solo work in May 2017 entitled “Toy & Tool”.

Awards & Achievements:

-Juno Award Winner (2012, Dan Mangan, Alternative Album of the Year)

-Juno Award Winner (2011, Fond of Tigers, Instrumental Album of the Year)

-Juno Award Nominee (2016, Destroyer, Alternative Album of the Year)

– Juno Award Nominee (2012, Destroyer, Alternative Album of the Year)

-Juno Award Nominee (2009, Inhabitants, Instrumental Album of the Year)

-Polaris Prize Short List (2011, Destroyer, “Kaputt”)

-Galaxie Rising Star Award (2005, Inhabitants, Vancouver Int’l Jazz Festival)


JP studied Jazz Performance with Kevin Dean and Andre White at McGill University in Montreal from 1993-96, and Jazz Trumpet with Alan Matheson at Vancouver Community College in 1992/93. As a teenager, JP studied privately for a brief time in 1990/91 with Vancouver-based trumpeter Bill Clark, while studying under David Proznick in the award-winning jazz program at Semiahmoo Secondary in Surrey, BC.

Notable Performances:

-NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon  (2011-Destroyer)

-Moers Festival (Germany/2006-Inhabitants)

-Avant X Festival (Toronto/2012-Solo Performance)

-Pitchfork Music Festival (Chicago/2011-Destroyer)

-Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (2016-Tony Wilson Sextet, 2014-Haram, 2007-Fond of Tigers)

-Guelph Jazz Festival (2015-Tony Wilson Sextet, 2012-Haram, 2012-Mary Margaret O’Hara/Peggy Lee “Beautiful Tool”, 2008-Fond Of Tigers, 2007- Inhabitants)

-Coachella (2012-Destroyer)

-Montreal Jazz Festival (2000-The Millennium Project)

-San Sebastian Jazzaldia Festival (Spain/2012-Destroyer)

Selected Discography:

Destroyer “Ken” [2017/Merge]

Ron Samworth “Dogs Do Dream” [2017/Drip Audio]

Sick Boss “Sick Boss” [2017/Drip Audio]

Fond of Tigers “Uninhabit” [2016/Drip Audio/Offseason]

Michael Blake “Fulfilment” [2016/Songlines]

Destroyer “Poison Season” [2015/Merge]

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith “Club Meds” [2015/Arts & Crafts]

Tony Wilson 6tet “A Day’s Life” [2015/Drip Audio]

Mary Margaret O’Hara/Peggy Lee “Beautiful Tool” [2013]

Gordon Grdina’s Haram “Her Eyes Illuminate” [2012/Songlines]

Destroyer “Kaputt” [2011/Merge]

Dan Mangan “Oh Fortune” [2011/Arts & Crafts]

Michael Blake “In The Grand Scheme of Things” [2012/Songlines]

Frazey Ford “Obidiah” [2010/Nettwork]

Aeroplane Trio “Naranja Ha” [2010/Drip Audio]

Inhabitants “A Vacant Lot” [2010/Drip Audio]

Fond of Tigers “Continent & Western” [2010/Drip Audio]

Tony Wilson 6tet “Pearls Before Swine” [2007/Drip Audio]

Inhabitants “The Furniture Moves Underneath” [2007/Drip Audio]

Carsick “Carsick” [2006/Drip Audio]

Great Aunt Ida “How They Fly” [2006/Northern Electric]

Inhabitants “Inhabitants” [2005/Drip Audio]

JP Carter Trio “Gumboot Fever” [2002/Independent]

The Millennium Project “Simulasticity” [2000/Mo’Funk]