as Performer/Composer

I’ve been working mainly with three groups as a performer/composer since about 2001.
Inhabitants, Aeroplane Trio and Carsick.
All three have releases on the Drip Audio label.
I’m also currently working on a trumpet + amplifier solo recording project. More info on that coming soon.

A quartet with Dave Sikula on guitar, Pete Schmitt on bass, and Skye Brooks on drums.
We’ve released three albums to date, A Vacant Lot [2010], The Furniture Moves Underneath [2007],
and our self-titled debut Inhabitants, all on the Drip Audio label.
“The Rancher” from The Furniture Moves Underneath

Aeroplane Trio
Formerly known as the JP Carter Trio, features Russell Sholberg on bass, and Skye Brooks on drums.
“Rock Paper” from our 2010 release Naranja Ha [Drip Audio]

A duo with guitarist Dave Sikula.
“High Over Sand” from our 2006 self-titled release Carsick [Drip Audio]

The Millennium Project
Before that, there was my first band, The Millennium Project.
I’ll include a song here, just for fun. This incarnation of the band includes Jon Bentley on sax, Scott Sanft on keys, Dave Sikula on guitar, Scott Tucker on bass, John Raham on drums, and Neelamjit Dhillon on tabla.
Here’s the track “Samsara Stroke”, which was on our 2000 release Simulasticity. Mixed by Bill Laswell.

as Performer

Fond of Tigers
I’m also currently involved with a variety of projects mainly as a performer. I say mainly because Fond of Tigers, for example, is a band I’ve been playing with for over ten years now, and has become a more collaborative effort. Although guitarist Stephen Lyons still remains the Tigers’ primary songwriter.
Fond of Tigers is Jesse Zubot on violin, JP Carter on trumpet, Morgan McDonald on keys, Stephen Lyons on guitar, Shanto Bhattacharya on bass, Skye Brooks and Dan Gaucher on drums.
“Heartwarmongering No 4” from the 2016 release Uninhabit [Drip Audio]

Tony Wilson Quintet/6tet/A Day’s Life Band
I’ve been playing in guitarist/composer Tony Wilson’s bands since the early 2000’s.
Here’s a track called “J.P.’s Tune” from the Tony Wilson 6tet album Pearls Before Swine [2007/Drip Audio].
With Jesse Zubot, violin; Masa Anzai, sax; JP Carter, trumpet; Tony Wilson, guitar; Russell Sholberg, bass; Skye Brooks, drums.


I’ve been playing, recording and touring with Dan Bejar and his band since 2010. I’m featured on the albums Kaputt (2011), Poison Season (2015) and Ken (2017). You can see my first ever performance with Destroyer (which just happened to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, on the Watch page). Here’s something recent, from our European Tour in June 2016 at the Best Kept Secret festival in the Netherlands:

Dan Mangan  

I started playing with Dan in 2011, and have been touring and recording with him ever since. You can hear my trumpet on the Juno-winning album Oh Fortune (2011) and Club Meds (2015). Here we are playing at Massey Hall in Toronto in 2015!

Here are some other projects that i’m currently involved with:

Gordon Grdina’s Haram

Handmade Blade (Aram Bajakian, JP Carter, Peggy Lee)

Michael Blake (Variety Hour, Fulfillment)

Now Ensemble