It’s been a little over a month since Karlene and I returned from our trip to South America. It was an amazing experience, visiting Peru, Bolivia and Chile. If you’re interested, i made a few videos during our trip:

CHOLITAS!!!     Sacred Valley Street Parade     An Epic Journey to Lago Sandoval

Before we headed out on our trip, i had the pleasure of attending the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas TX, to watch Karlene play with Team Canada. She kicked some major ass, and inspired me to make this highlight video from footage I filmed from the stands:

Team Canada’s Karlene Harvey: Highlights from the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup

Now to the present, where i’m currently preparing to hit the road with Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. We leave for a cross-Canada tour next week. It all begins in Halifax on Feb 18th. Here’s a full list of DATES.

The tour is in support of our new album CLUB MEDS. You can check it out HERE. I’m on my most of the tracks, but feature more prominently on “Pretty Good Joke”, “Forgetery”, “XVI” and “New Skies”.

Another album i recorded on that was just released on January 20th, 2015 is Siskiyou‘s NERVOUS. It’s a great sounding album that was released on Constellation Records. Here’s INFO on the band and the new record. I’m featured on three tracks: #4 Violent Motion Pictures”, #6 Oval Window & #9 Babylonian Proclivities.

That brings us to an album i’m very excited to see released on this very evening at the Pyatt Hall in Vancouver.  A new recording by the Tony Wilson 6tet entitled A DAY’S LIFE. It’s a musical companion to Tony’s novella of the same name; a semi-autobiographical account of his times as an addict living and busking on the streets of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. It’s a beautiful album, and one of my very favourite groups to play with. The band is Jesse Zubot (violin), Peggy Lee (cello), Russell Sholberg (bass), Skye Brooks (drums), JP Carter (trumpet) and Tony Wilson (guitar/composer). The album will be officially released on Drip Audio very soon, but will be available at the show tonight. Here’s a link to Tony’s website.

That should do it for now.