Arrived safe and sound to the Yucatan! My first day was spent driving from the Cancun airport to Merida. Took the scenic route; passed through many little villages along the way. The trip took about 7 hours! Loco. Supposed to be half that. I had a few stops. Mostly by choice, but there was the inevitable and thorough search of all my belongings by the local authorities at a road block. Nice guy, actually. Kept asking me if I had any “cigarros”. No fumar, man. No fumar. When I finally arrived in Merida, I went to the address of my hotel. Nothing. Google Maps f’d up. Wrong part of town. Kind of like a tourist in Vancouver going to an address on Hastings, only to realize it’s actually on EAST Hastings. Except in Merida every second street is called Hastings. Seriously. Not literally though. Anyways, I figured out. The hotel is right near the main square, where I found some wicked turkey tacos. I sleep now.