Currently enjoying a day off in Asheville, North Carolina. We’re a little over halfway through this sucker, so i thought i might send out a little update on how the tour’s been going so far!

Pretty good.

Pretty damn good.

(It’s crazy what a difference a little damn will do, eh?! Cool word.)

So let me see…how bout some highlights!

The first would have to playing the Fillmore in San Francisco. What a sweet old classic venue.



Here i am posing in front of a photo of Miles Davis in the Fillmore. Ted Bois took this one. I recently purchased a ’54 Martin Committee, which is the horn Miles played throughout his career. Hence the pose. Yes, i am a poser.

The Mohawk in Austin, Texas! The cool part about this venue is that it’s outdoors, and the audience has some pretty rad sightlines, with multiple tiered balconies. And it somehow sounds good as well!



Hmm..what else. Well, the Thalia Hall was cool. It’s a new-ish venue in Chicago that is very well put together, i must say. Made for a very good time.


[Above] Soundcheck at Thalia Hall. [Below} Post-show green room hangs


Toronto and Montreal were both very fun shows! Had many friends come out and hang, which made it extra special. Played the Danforth Music Hall in TO, and the Theatre Fairmount in MTL.



Soundcheck at the Danforth Music Hall. We had a couple of special guests sit in: Jay Anderson on percussion, and Dan’s sister Susana on violin.

Last Sunday we played sold-out Webster Hall in New York City. It was easily our biggest show of this tour (Webster holds 1500 folks), and was a total blast. The show was recorded by NYCTAPER.COM, and the audio quality is really good. If you’re interested in hearing what the band is sounding like these days, check it out!


And finally, in what was perhaps my favourite show of the tour so far (at least from a musical perspective), the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. What a great venue. Sounds so damn good on stage (there’s that word again). The show was filmed and recorded by PBS, so when it comes out i’ll post it here!


The stage at the 9:30 Club.

Soooo i must leave the computer now, to meditate on the next half of this tour. Because you know, shit happens out here on the road. Like that time our bus broke down at 5am just outside of Austin. We ended up having to rent a truck for all our our gear, and a couple of minivans to get our physical selves up to Dallas in time for the show. Precious moments.


Cheers, JP