Well that was fun. 

The opening weekend of the Vancouver Jazz Fest was truly a blast. Saw so much great music, and had the pleasure of performing with Sick Boss, Tony Wilson and his Jim Pepper tribute band, and of course Fond of Tigers rocking the big stage downtown at the Art Gallery. And although we missed Billy Martin at Destroy Vancouver, it was great to share my solo stuff, and really enjoyed watching Lisa Miller, Josh Stevenson (Magneticring) and Joe Williamson do their thing.

I have one official jazz fest show this week, which I’m very much looking forward to. HANDMADE BLADE [Peggy Lee, cello; Aram Bajakian, guitar; JPC, trumpet/effects] play Ironworks on Wednesday June 24th at 5pm. This is free show. Peggy has written some great material for this relatively new trio project, and Aram and I contribute some originals as well. Come by if you can!

Also, my pals Dan Gaucher and Colin Cowan are curating a late-night series at the China Cloud [524 Main St] which runs from June 22-27. I’ll be performing with a few projects here:

June 23rd, MidnightSUN RA’S STAR SYSTEM [Dan Gaucher, drums; Colin Cowan, bass; John Paton, tenor sax; Ben Henriques, bari sax; JPC, trumpet/effects; Tyson Naylor, keys; Tony Wilson, guitar; Skye Brooks, percussion]

June 24th, 11pm: CARSICK & AEROPLANE TRIO [Dave Sikula, guitar; JPC, trumpet/effects; Russell Sholberg, bass; Skye Brooks, drums]

June 25th, 11pm: SUN KILLER [Tom Wherret, guitar; JPC, trumpet/effects; James Meger, bass; Dan Gaucher, drums]

Here’s a Facebook link with the full schedule: China Cloud’s Jazz Fest Late Night Series

My full sched of performances at the Jazz Festival [and beyond] are on the Upcoming Shows page.

Cheers, JP

*photo taken by Ken Pickering at the Fond of Tigers show.