I’ve returned from Destroyer’s little adventure down Mexico way. It was quite a trip. You may be asking, what the hell were we doing down there?! Well, I’ve prepared a couple of short video documentations to try and help explain the situation.

This first video relates to the festival we were invited to play, called Carnaval de Bahidora. It is located in Las Estacas, in the Mexican state of Morelos, a couple of hours south of Mexico City. The film features our arrival at the festival, and a short clip of our performance shot from the stage. Also! I shot some video from the crowd perpective, during performances by BadBadNotGood & Sonido Gallo Negro. And a bonus inclusion of some backstage footage. More of a backpark, really. *Note: It was oppressively hot.


This second video documents our visit to the ruins of Teotihuacan, located a forty-five minute bus ride north of Mexico City. I shared the experience with my Destroyer bandmates David Carswell, Joshua Wells, and Joseph Shabason. *Note: The music you hear is a phone recording of some local musicians i had the pleasure of meeting and listening to in Veracruz, Mexico. Some very fine gentlemen indeed. And well dressed! So yeah, it’s kinda like being there. And by there, i mean the ruins. But i guess also in Veracruz, because of the music. So more like being in two places at once.  Truly magical, these modern times.


And, in closing, let me just leave you with this:

I think it really puts on display just how profoundly this trip affected us; fully immersing ourselves in the culturally rich and colourfully diverse experience that is…México!

Hasta luego, JP