On a layover at the Hong Kong airport. This place confuses me. There is nothing resembling a convenience store in here. If you’re interested in doing some ultra high end shopping, you’re more than in luck. But if you’d like some chewing gum, or a bottle of water, forget about it. Anyways, I’m back home to Vancouver in like 15 hours. Will be strange to leave at 7:30pm and arrive at 4:30pm the same day. Going back in time, folks! Which is good, actually, as I could use the extra time. 

I won’t be back home for long, as I’m heading to Chicago next weekend to play with HANDMADE BLADE at Constellation as part of the Chicago String Summit. The gig is on Friday May 6th. In case you’re not familiar with the “Blade”, here’s a visual:

(Handmade Blade: Aram Bajakian, Peggy Lee, JP Carter)

This should be a very good time. It’s actually Peggy’s first time to the Windy City! Here’s a link to the Constellation venue with more INFO

When I get home from Chicago, I’ll jump right into recording with Ron Samworth’s Dogs Do Dream project. More on than later.

On Thursday May 12, a short documentary by Colin Garcia involving Fond of Tigers will debut at the DOXA festival in Vancouver. Here’s a little description of NIMBI from DOXA’s website: 

“Vancouver’s JUNO Award-winning avant-rock instrumental band Fond of Tigers returns to the studio for the first time in six years to record their long-awaited fourth album. Guitarist Stephen Lyons discusses the essential role of music in his life and the alchemy of group dynamics. ”

The film will screen at the Vancity Theatre at 6:45pm. LINK

The TONY WILSON SEXTET is headed to FIMAV! That’s the Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, in Quebec. Our set is on Saturday May 21st at 4pm. This is Tony’s “A Day’s Life” band with Peggy Lee, Jesse Zubot, Russell Sholberg, Skye Brooks & I. The music is inspired by his book of the same name. LINK 

Ok I gotta jump on this airplane! But speaking of planes the Aeroplane Trio is playing up at the No Horses Music Festival on Hornby Island! And so is Sun Ra’s Star System, and other cool things! The fest is put together by the aformentioned Mr. Tony Wilson and I’m pretty stoked! Also gotta get on this plane! Ok so I don’t have a link yet but I’ll find one and add later! I DO know that fest runs from May 27-29! Ok gotta go for real this time see u soon Vancouver!!!