Destroyer’s first ever tour in Asia finished this last weekend in Bangkok. I’m currently decompressing on the beach down in Phuket, Thailand. Just using this quality time to assemble some video I shot during the tour. Also reflecting on the experience. Hard to put into words right now.


I can with ease, however, send out a huge THANK YOU to our presenters and hosts in each city! Amazing, really. For us four Canadian dudes who’ve never been to this part of the world (apart from John, who visited here in the late 1980’s as a young lad), it was MASSIVE to be treated so well. We’d likely be wandering aimlessly around the Chinese countryside right now if it wasn’t for them. But the experience went beyond logistical, or even musical; we were given a taste, quite literally, of each of the cities we visited. Thank you so much to Nathaniel & Krish in Beijing, Archie & Auggie in Shanghai, John in Seoul, Elliott & Cha Cha in Taipei, and May & Beam in Bangkok. Among so many others behind the scenes…


Also, or course, thank u to all the lovely folks who came out to our shows. So cool to perform to new audiences, and for people who have been appreciating our music from half a world away. Surreal, really. Especially for Dan, I’d imagine. He seemed pretty stoked, in his way.


Ok. Here it is. Simply press on the pretty blue words below and let the magic begin, or whatever…