I’m currently on a plane to Beijing. A tidy eleven hour flight. It’s my first trip to the continent of Asia. Well, technically I did visit the Asian side of Istanbul back in 2012, but i’m not going to count that. At least, not anymore. I mean, once we land in China, it’ll be officially official, right?! And, besides that trip to Turkey, I’ve never really been close. Like, Hawaii? That’s about the closest. Probably flying over those lovely islands right now. What a tease. *sigh*

Anyway! I do have a good reason to travel to Asia, by the way. Not totally random. I mean, random is cool and everything, but sometimes a little structure can be nice. Like when you’re going halfway around the world to a place you’ve never to been before, for example.  Ok, now I feel like I might be overstating the “never been to Asia before” thing. That’s not what this is about! It’s really about the fact that I’m on tour with Destroyer! An Asian tour! What can I tell you…well not much. We’re not there yet. Hold your horses. Wait. I can tell you that we’re touring a four-piece version of Destroyer, with Ted Bois on keys, John Collins on bass, yours truly on trumpet, and of course Dan Bejar rocking the microphone. We’ll be playing in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, and Bangkok. What else…the rehearsals have been fun. I think we’re sounding pretty decent actually! Perhaps a little more lounge-y than usual? Hard to say. I am wondering what the venues we’ll play will be like. Hmm..i kind of imagine us playing that hotel lounge where Bill Murray hangs in Lost in Translation. But that was Japan. And a hotel lounge. And a movie. So probably nothing like that. Did I mention having never been over here before? We’ll just have to see, I guess. There are plenty of unknowns going on right now. Here’s what I do know, and can share with you. The tour dates. You know, in case you happen to be in China, Korea, Taiwan or Thailand right now, or wanna just get yourself on a tidy eleven hour flight and join us:

Saturday, April 16: Beijing @ Yugongyishan

Sunday, April 17: Shanghai @ Shanghai Symphony Hall

Wednesday  April 20: Seoul @ V-Hall

Friday April 22: Taipei @ The Wall

Saturday April 23: Bangkok @ Live RCA

Ok! I’ll try to keep you further updated on the situation. And please, do wish us luck.