Just got home from the Destroyer European tour. My amplifier, however, decided to take a later flight. I know the old Champ really enjoyed our time over in Europe, but I actually do need the thing this weekend for some shows I’m playing at the 2016 edition of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Tomorrow (Saturday July 2nd) I’m doing a workshop over at the Roundhouse starting at 1:30pm. My buds Tommy Babin (3pm) and Skye Brooks (4:30pm) will be doing workshops that day as well. And then Tommy, Skye & I are playing with New York guitarist Mary Halvorson at Ironworks (235 Alexander Street) at midnight on Sunday July 3rd.

OK! Back to Saturday July 2 at the Roundhouse, after the workshop I’ll be playing with Ron Samworth’s DOGS DO DREAM at 3:15pm in the Roundhouse Performance Centre.  About Ron’s new project : “Dogs Do Dream attempts to evoke the inner world of man’s best friend, narrated in first person” with Ron on guitar, Tyson Naylor keyboards & accordion, James Meger on bass, Skye Brooks on drums, and Barbara Adler voicing the narration. Then later that evening at 9pm I’ll be heading down to Performance Works on Granville Island to play with Gordon Grdina’s HARAM. If you aren’t familiar with this group, we play traditional Arabic music arranged by Gord and played by a 10-piece band featuring Jesse Zubot on violin; Francois Houle on clarinet; Chris Kelly, sax, Tommy Babin, bass, Kenton Loewen on drums, Tim Gerwing & Liam MacDonald, percussion, and Emad Armoush, vocals.

Here a run down in list form, with links:

July 2, 2016: JP Carter Workshop, Roundhouse-Studio, 1:30pm. link

July 2, 2016: Ron Samworth’s DOGS DO DREAM, Roundhouse-Performance Centre, 3:15pm. link

July 2, 2016: Gordon Grdina’s HARAM, Performance Works, 9pm. link

July 3, 2016: Mary Halvorson/JP Carter/Tommy Babin/Skye Brooks, Ironworks, Midnight. link

There are many wonderful things going on at the Jazz Fest this weekend. Ok. I think that’s Air Canada calling with my amp.