This week has filled up fast! I have some shows happening here in Vancouver that I’d like to tell you about.

First off, I’ll be joining SICK BOSS at the Gold Saucer on Tuesday Nov 15th. We’ll be playing a bunch of new music! This show is part of the Sawdust Collector series. The band: Cole Schmidt, James Meger, Dan Gaucher, Tyson Naylor, Jeremy Page, JP Carter, Peggy Lee, and Barbara Adler. 9pm. LINK

Then on Wednesday Nov 16th, I’ll be heading down to the Lido to do some improvising with Lee Hutzulak, Kenton Loewen & Giorgio Magnanensi. It’s part of Lee’s November residency at the Lido. LINK 

On Friday November 18th, I’ll be playing a SOLO set at Jazz Night at Kurt Russell’s. With Clayboy. 9pm.

And finally, my last show of the week is with the NOW ENSEMBLE at the Western Front on Sunday November 20th. It’s a CD & comic book release for Onomatopoeia. Part of the Assembly1 Festival. The NOW Ensemble for this evening will be Lisa Cay Miller, Nikki Carter, Mike Brown, DB Boyco, Chad MacQuarrie, JP Carter, James Meger, and Skye Brooks. Also on the bill, Nous Perçons les Oreilles (Montréal’s Joanne Hétu & Jean Derome). 8pm.

So there’s the stuff I wanted to tell you about! Pretty much. Catch ya later, perhaps.